hello spring

pictures of the last weeks (my instagram account: @by_Annina)


::spring in front of my home::
::salmon for dinner::
::carac from our local bakery::
::laura enjoying a cheesecake after shopping::


::beautiful evening in Zurich::
::Bar Max & Moritz in Zurich::
::first ice cream this year::
::lake side::


::weekends – we love pancakes::


::asparagus salad::
::my family playing “Brändi Dog” on easter::
::lake side Zurich::
::Kreis 5::


::homemade cantuccini::
::lemon cupcakes::
::easter at my grandpa’s place::

The last two weeks have just been great! After finishing the exams I finally had time for things like sleep-in,  shopping, going for a drink with friends and so on. I quit my job at the end of march and already found a new one! (more about later) We celebrated every weekend like vacations with pancakes, delicious dinners and just hanging around. Yesterday we’ve been at my granpa’s place for celebrating easter with the family – photos will follow n the next few days.

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