Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be

So.. it’s been a while. More or less 3 months and a lot of things happened in these weeks and my life changed for 180° in some parts. (but in a wonderful way). Don’t wanna go to much in some details… –  broke up with my boyfriend in the beginning of September, moved in a beautiful apartment in a central neighborhood of Zurich and I’ve started to study business economics.


So after breaking up with my bf – why did it change in a wonderful way? I think it was the best to break up. For both of us. It wasn’t easy as we had a 2-years relationship and already lived together. But where something ends – is space for something new. And in my case – completely unexpectedly – a new person. I’ve met the most handsome man alive – Sandro. We’ve met at a party and after a lot of dinners, drinks and wonderful evenings did I totally fell in love with him. It’s still surreal to have such a wonderful man next to me. I’m so in love with him! I’ll never let him go and he’s really just the best that could have happened to me! Sweety I love you sooo much!!! 🙂 I adore him endlessly.

The only thing I’m really missing is that I don’t really have time for photography. Next to my 100% work, studies, friends and family is just not a lot of time left for it. So I’m super super excited for this upcoming week! New York is waiting for me!!! Going on Wednesday for four nights with a good friend! I’ve never been there and I really can’t wait too see the big apple, take hundreds of pics and meet up with my friends Freya & Elena!

Have a wonderful week my dears. Next post with New York news! love


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