good food, great wine and amazing friends

Another busy week so far. From having chinese take-away on Monday to a great dinner with two such beautiful girls on Tuesday. We had dinner at “Gusto’s N°28”. The food was great and the white wine even better. Freya is an english teacher here in Rome and comes from New York. Cath is an opera singer and from Norway. She’s leaving tomorrow and is moving back to Oslo. So we had a goodbye-dinner. It was sooo nice and I just loooove them. Afterwards an unforgettable drive on a motorino to Piazza Vittorio where they have an openair cinema from June-September. We’ve met up with some other friends and watched the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey. It was just hilarious funny and Jim Carrey is in his best form. Go and watch it if you can!
Yesterday did I meet two other girls – one from Florida and one from Vienna, Austria. The one from Vienna will move back today and so we had another “last-evening-in-Rome”. After some delicious Strawberry Tiramisu and Profiteroles at “Pompis” – Re di Roma did we enjoy a Chocolate Shot in Trastevere. Oh I’ll miss this girl…
So and ya.. I’ll leave as well. Well actually just for the weekend. I’m flying back to Zurich tonight as it’s the graduation of my best girlfriend Laura tomorrow and her 20th Birthday on Saturday and the 30th wedding anniversary of my parents on Sunday… So one big party after the other are coming up! My flight back to Rome is on Monday evening. Ah I can’t wait to take-off tonight and hug my bf at Zurich airport .. in exactly 10 hours… *sooo exciting* So I’ll see you after the weekend with tons of new pics and stories! baci baci a tutti

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