easter with Yaira

May I introduce Yaira Lea to you? She’s born on 09.02.2012 and the daughter of my sister Seraina & her husband Jules. She’s so adorable and I’m sooooo incredible in love with her! She IS the cutest baby!

My family spent a wonderful Easter afternoon at my grandpas place. We did an egg hunt, ate a lot (!) of chocolate and other sweets and had a delicious dinner. It started to snow in the morning but happily the sun didn’t let us down. So have a look – love family days like this one.

::proud dad Jules with Yaira::
::my sister Dominique egg hunting::

::egg hunting time – my dad, my cousin Simon and Aaron – son of my cousin Tabea::

::dinner – grandpa & my brother Raphael::
::found my easter basket::

::Simon & Aaron::
::my beautiful sister Dominique::

::Sandro & me::

::playing Brändi-Dog::
::Sandro with my grandpa and Käthy::

::Dominique with the easter basket we made for her::

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