Ok ok – i know! I’m sure you already heard about this super cute dog from the States! I mean you have to! We heard here in Switzerland about him – so why do I write about him? Well – first I’m not a dog fan. Haha. No – really not. I’m actually quite afraid of dogs – don’t konw why (the race doesn’t matter .. well maybe a bit…)  Anyway … a couple of week ago a saw a picture of Boo on the internet – and …. it was just heartbreaking (how dramtic!) I mean look at this eyes – he’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Since then I’m his biggest fan! Following him on facebook and instagram (yes – a dog can have a facebook fan page!). Knowing if he’s visiting Central Park, doing some shopping at 5th avenue or enjoying a day at the beach in California…  I just want to cuddle him…. Boo you’re just sooo super cute! I still can’t believe that you’re real – c’mon guys – he really doesn’t look real – right? I still think that he’s just fake and a cuddly animal. I wanna have a Boo as well….
So – sorry but again – another Boo invasion – awwwwwww – or as we say here – jöööööööööö! (I know u like him as well!)

all pics through his facebook page: boo

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