We’re back! We spent an unforgettable time on the beautiful greek island Mykonos!
We stayed at the beautiful Myconian Imperial Hotel at Elia Beach (in the south).

We enjoyed this week loaded with sun bathing (ouch – sunburn!), room service, reading a couple of books, enjoying our jacuzzi on the balcony, relaxing, doing nothing, spectacular seaview, walking through the alleys of Mykonos Town, jet-skiing,  delicious delicious delicious food (+2kg!), swimming, doing nothing (did I already mention?) and just the time together!

Mykonos Town

cabin crew - landing in 3 minutes

Elia Beach

Mykonos Town

"Little Venice" - Mykonos Town - perfect place for a glass of wine


beautiful alleys in Mykonos Town

Restaurant Katerina's - insider tip in Mykonos Town

jacuzzi & a cold coke - best!

Mykonos Town

Little Venice - Mykonos Town

nice place to start a new day

me in Mykonos Town

delicious greek lunch

Sandro in Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

private jacuzzi with sea view - we love!

spectacular sunset - day by day

Little Venice and my handsome guy

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Myconian Imperial Hotel

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

summer love

shabby chic - Myconian Imperial

seafood platter - my favourite

Elia Beach

jacuzzi time

Mykonos Town

sunset in Mykonos Town

balcony view

time to say goodbye

3 thoughts on “Mykonos

  1. By the way, I have to say I’m so glad I found your blog again; lost it some time ago along with all my bookmarked website when my old computer crashed. I’ll definitely be reading through all your posts I’ve missed out 🙂

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