London – I’m coming!

Yes – today’s the day! Just 4 1/2 hours left to boarding time Zurich – London. I’m soooo excited to see Sandro in a few hours and walk through the streets of London with him. He left 19 days ago and you can’t imagine how super tingly I am in this moment. Knowing we’re going to spend the next 4 1/2 days in this vibrant city together. The last days have been packed with work, school (wrote my first semester exams  in english yesterday – so 1/4 done) and the to do’s of a daily grind. Not more than 5 hours sleep/night – I was just too nervous and thousand thoughts ran through my mind. So now… slowly coming done – finished packing yesterday night at 01.30am while watching a movie (“Barefoot” – german production – a must to see!), doing some last working tasks and then: “Cabin Crew, LX332 ready to take off” – London I’m on my way!!!

all pics through


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