Summer in winter

Is it February or April? Well – I wish I’d be April as Sandro’s going to come back from London for a couple of days – but as I can’t put this forward, do I enjoy these wonderful spring days by my own. Sandros flight was on saturday morning at 7:10am. So we had get up very early. It was so hard to let him go and say goodbye… not knowing when we’ll see us the next time (well hopefully before April). But thanks god for Skype! Chatting and seeing him makes it a bit more endurable. Afterwards did I meet up with Laura and Rahel. We had brunch at my place. I’m really thankful for my girls. Knowing that they’ll always come over for a coffee and distract me. Saturday afternoon was filled with learning for a marketing exam I had today. Saturday eve was absolutely beautiful. Went to a Thai restaurant with my friend Ramona, enjoyed a delicious dinner and afterwards we went to a “fire & ice party”. Ice-Skating, music, bonfire and drinks.

Sunday was a wonderful day – I had to learn a lot but at 5pm did I have to go out. I’ve catched the last rays of sun while walking along the lake promenade. I love to see how the people are coming out, kids running around, girls feeding the ducks, couples kissing each other, boys playing soccer, friends having a barbecue and to capture all these wonderful moments with my cam. Had my two last smaller exams today. Semester exams start in 2 weeks. Hope to travel to London before and see my sweetie.

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