raining cats and dogs

what a week… a rainy rainy week … it really rains a lot and we have even floods! it’s sunny – and one minute it starts to rain cats and dogs. but I love rain and and storm and snow and everything similar! I think it’s just cozy.. sitting inside… cuddling, having a cup of hot tea .. even if it’s August.. I really can’t wait for fall and winter! but I’m enjoying also some shafts of sunlight – like yesterday. went to the movies with my coworker monika .. we first had dinner in a very stylish shop/restaurant-at-once .. for me 8 sushi rolls.. absolutely delicious! afterwards a short promenade along the lake. it was ladies night! so more than 1000 girls in one movie theater – watching all the same movie. it was really cool. you get a prosecco as apero and after a movie a little cosmetic gift. yesterday an eyeliner from the body shop. pretty cool – right! and of course is the movie always a girly movie like sex and the city, valentines day – or as yesterday “Killers” with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. It was really fun and we laughed a lot! I’m really excited for the weekend… tomorrow eve our own ladies night with my best gf laura… going for a run (well.. if it won’t rain) … making ravioli by ourself, talking talking talking and talking of course.. and on saturday again.. with 3 girls… cooking dinner together and then going out! yipii.. have a wonderful – sunny day!

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