Happy Birthday Switzerland

It’s national day here in Switzerland! Waked up by my boyfriend bringing breakfast to bed and having a relaxed sunny day! It’s comon that you have brunch together, eating chocolates, making a fondue, raclette or other swiss food and having ur family and friends around. Firework, beer and wine in the evening. Every village organize a party with a huge bonfire, barbecues, singing of our national hymn and speechs of the mayors. I’m really proud to be swiss and to live in this wonderful – beautiful small country!It’s the first national holiday we’re celebrating in our apartment. The weather was just awesome but now the clouds are coming up. Hoping that it won’t start to rain. We’ll walk up the hill to see the fireworks around the lake! It’s always sooo wonderful. So have a wonderful day – whereever you are and eat chocolate! – Happy Birthday Switzerland!

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