pic 8/365: Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my bfs 25th birthday. I’m on holidays and he took the day off as well. Sleeping in, going to get fresh croissants, opening presents and enjoying the day we had together. In the evening we throwed a spontaneous small birthday party with about 10 friends. As Patrik is really spontaneous did he decide to make this party at like 5pm .. so we went shopping at 5:30pm and the guests came at 7pm. You can imagine in what a hurry we’ve been! But we had a wonderful evening with good food, delicious cakes and wonderful friends. My present was a new fisheye nikkor lens for his Nikon cam. He loved it! Today do we celebrate our 2nd anniversary! He’s back at work and I’m enjoying a lazy afternoon with reading books, organize recipes, photos and doing nothing. Have a wonderful day!

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