pic 6/365: colorful rain

This 6th pic did I take in zurich at a tram station. It just started to rain and this girl with a wonderful colorful umbrella walked by. As I like these two other shots as well do I have to post it. I was in the library after work and just love it! It’s like heaven… all these books, words, ideas, creativity – I can’t get enough. I’m really excited as it will be my last day of work tomorrow. I’m going on holidays next week! I’ll stay home but have soo many ideas what I could do. Read a lot of books, take the first pics with my “new” analoge canon 620 SLR cam, take pics with my new konica analoge cam, relax at the lake, reading more books, cook and bake, organise my pics and all my recipes,…. and take even more pics of course.. have a wonderful evening out there!

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