daily iPhone picture 1/365

So – a new thing I want to try! Did you ever hear of Chase Jarvis? An amazing artist (google!!) with brilliant simple photos. Well this week I found the blog Bildwerkstatt. I really liked the pics and the idea of taking everyday a photo with your iPhone, upload it without any photoshop editing. I’ve already seen this idea at the facebookpage of Chase Jarvis. I think you can even buy a book of his first year – taking a pic with his iphone day by day… so no.. as I’m so motivated by these ideas I want to take and share an iPhone pic — everyday for the next 364 days! I want to create a book at the end of the year.. I think it’s just like an amazing, creative and new way of sharing something of my day. Whatever makes me happy, sad, lucky… whatever jumps into my lens… so from now u get a daily update here on my blog. Of course will I still share more pics, recipes etc… but for sure everyday a pic that is somehow special for me. Rules: not editing the pic on the computer. I have different photo apps on my iPhone but I promise not to edit the pic after uploading it to my desktop!

So – thanks to Dietmar from the bildwerkstatt blog for bringing back the idea and here we go… my first iPhone pic:

so my first pic is simple… a glass of white wine… I just had an amazing evening after a swim in the lake of zurich. it started to storm and rain and I’m still sitting outside, enjoying a glass of white wine, watching the rain and feel so close to god

One thought on “daily iPhone picture 1/365

  1. thanks very much Annina for mentioning me – next to Chase Jarvis! wow… what a honor! wish you a lot of fun and of course 365 great pictures. think the first one is a good start. Cheers!

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