Finally back in the online world

So… finally – I’m back in the world wide web. Back in the online world! As you know did we (my boyfriend Patrik and I) move together in the beginning of April to our new beautiful beautiful beautiful apartment at the lake of Zurich.

I’m sorry – I would love to show you some pics of our new home – but  I stil lhave it on my sd-card in my cam. Will edit and upload as soon as I find the time for it. But first some pics of Berlin! I’ve been there with my best girlfriend Laura at the end of January. It was freezing freezing freezing!! Berlin is not my favourite city…. the history of it is horrible and it’s impressing how you can still see the difference between east and west Berlin. It’s really upcoming and there are a lot of inovative and stylish little designer shops! (P.s… if you want to overnight in a stylish, dynamic hotel –> try the Michelberger hotel. It’s a new design hotel. Good located and always something going on!) But I missed the charm somehow … maybe ’cause I lived for such a long time in Rome – which is full of spirits.

This longer-weekend trip was a gift from to Laura 20th birthday. We enjoyed our ladies weekend and we’ll definitely do it again!  As I lived for seven months in Rome last year did we not have a lot of time together. I just love her sooo much and she’s def the most beautiful woman with a huge heart in the world!!!

This monday will she and her boyfriend Raphael (he’s my brother) fly to the States. They will make a two month trip from New York to Florida to Colorado to California. I will miss her sooo much. But I’m soo happy that she has the chance to do something like this! Explore another huge country (USA — I wanna come as welll!!!)

So for this – here some photos I took in Berlin. I really can’t wait to and travel again as well. In june will come my best friend from Rome and we’ll do a little Switzerland-trip … but for the rest of the year are no holidays planned so far – any recommendations?  Let me know. Have a wonderful weekend!

have you ever seen such a huge snowman?

delicious brunch in a very stylish coffee

catching some sun

snack in our hotel

Newton exhibition

Berlin Zoo

Knut - most famous polarbear

Michelberger hotel

yummi breakfast in our hotel

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