UHC Uster back in the NLA

my family: me, Seraina, Raphael, Lukas, Dominique and my mum - my dad had to work

What a week! And what a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Patrik and I got the contract of the real estate managment and so we’re going to move in 12 (!!!) days in our new apartment. Unbeliviable, isn’t it? I still don’t realize that we’ll really move in and have our own apartment at the lake of zurich with a beautiful view to the lake and the mountains! I really can’t wait. Now these days we’re organising all the moving stuff. We’re buying cartonboxes to put all our stuff in it, making phone calls to organise a transporter, asking for friends for helping us, checking ikea.com, interio.ch and other furniture homepages etc. I’ll keep you up to date.

On Friday eve did the floorball team (UHC Uster) of my brother have their most important games! (All the pics of this post did I took there). It was their 5th game in the playoff and the score so far was 3:1. So they had to win this game and they’d climb back to NLA! So of course did my whole family go and watch it! My brother is the top scorer of the whole league but never made a goal in this playoff-round. And so – you can imagine when he made his first goal on Friday eve – the arena became a huge party! There were drumers of the U21 team, hundreds of viewers, friends, parents, colleagues etc! My whole family was sooo happy after this hit and we couldn’t stop to shout encouragement! And then…. one more goal – player: Raphael Berweger..and one more – again: Raphael Berweger….. and so on and on .. at the end he scored five of five goals. They won 5:3 and now they’re back in the NLA. So here are some impressions of this amazing game on Friday eve in Uster, Switzerland. I’m sooo unbeliviable proud of my brother! Well done!

my brother with white shirt - nr. 20

On Satuday did I have another apointment at Fielmann (a famous & huge optician in Switzerland & Germany). I have some problems with my contact lenses and need some new monthly lenses. So on Saturday did I have to go and check again if the lenses I’m test-wearing are okay now or not — they’re not. So now I have to test again and I have another apointment this Friday. It sucks -.-. Afterwards did I go and watch a volleyball match of my ex-team VBC Uetikon am See. They didn’t won .. but it isn’t tragic. I didn’t play for 1 1/2 years (I’ve played 6 years before I got my kissing disease) – and now on Monday eve I I had my first training again! I’m back. It was so great. I just really love to play this sport. I love to be in a team and to give my best… not just for me but also for my team! Have a wonderful week!


making noise

my beautiful best friend Laura who is also the girlfriend of my brother Raphael

my mum

floorball love


little boy during a break


they won - back in the NLA

top scorer of the league & top player of the game - my brother

team photo

moose mascot - I had to hug him.. too cute

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