♥ Happy Day ♥

So now I’m already a couple of days or even weeks back in Switzerland. After not going to New York did I move into my new apartment in the center of Zurich. I love the city life. There’s still some stuff standing around and after a long evening in IKEA did I finally get a new big bed. I’ve signed up for the gym and enjoy my holidays. I have a course at 6pm so I just want to share some of my highlights today. I picked two recipes went to the grocery store and started to make pralines and cookies. So .. here are my highlights of the day… Oh – and a highlight of the weekend – my boyfriend and I booked a flight and a hotel for Stockholm! We’re going in the middle of January. Will be amazing. Can’t wait. Have a cozy evening.P.s… recipe for the macarons and for the pralines are coming.

♥ I've found a nice apartment and share it with three amazing people - picture of Satuday - we had our first dinner together ♥

♥ there are cocos macarons baking .. can't wait to try ♥

♥ there are even more macarons to bake ♥

♥ I love my new Diana F+ Mini camera ♥

♥ I have a plate with all my polaroids - this one I took this summer in Rome - two friends having a delicious tiramisu ♥

♥ my books - I'm still searching a good idea how to organize them ♥

♥ a cup of tea, clementines and a good book are waiting for me ♥

♥ sun is shining ♥

♥ oops - even more books ♥

♥ Stockholm - we're coming ♥

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