♥ Rome – Zurich – I’m back home ♥

Indian Dinner


I’m back home in my little village at the beautiful lake of Zurich. Time was really running and I had a lot of things to do during the last weeks. But let’s start at the beginning. After seven months and 6 days did I say goodbye Roma. I had some amazing last evening in Rome. Going out with friends, dancing salsa, enjoying a last shopping afternoon at Via del Corso, my last lunch at my favourite spot “Portofino” – they’re having the best Tramezzini in town – last days at work and so on. On Tuesday, 17th November did Freya (my best gf in town) organize an amazing indian dinner at her place. Her mum was visiting her and so she made some typical delicious indian dinner. We had such a great time.

cozy evening

And then .. on the 19th November at 14:50 did I departe Rome Fiumicino to Zurich Airport. It was a beautiful flight with a view to the seaside, flying over Schwarzwald in Germany and a beautiful sunset over a sea of fog. My mum and my best girlfriend Laura picked me up with a Happy Birthday (yes – it was my 20th Birthday!). Coming home – a as always a special feeling. And know .. having in mind that I’ll stay .. at least for some months. In the evening did we have a birhtday dinner with my family and best friends at “Outback Lodge” in Zurich (Australian Bar and Restaurant) . Absolutely recommendable. Friday evening an Asian dinner with one of my best friends at my place and on Saturday eve with 3 friends at a place called “Movies” in Zurich. If you’re ever in Zurich – go to this place! Nice hollywood-atmosphere with a delicious selection of Burgers, Salads, Fajitas, Rice, Nachos, Tapas, Drinks and so on… If it’s your birthday – tell them… they have a special surprise for you.

Fontana di Trevi

So.. but after a lot of dinners did I actually plan to go to New York. Yes .. I’ve booked this flight in July I think and should departe on Wednesday, 25th November 2009 at 09:55 am. I was sooo excited you can’t imagine! I’ve never been there and it was a dream to see this city – especially during christmas time. But… I was standing at the check-in.. giving my passport and a form I had to fill out .. and then they said I couldn’t fly to NYC! I didn’t understand…but I totally forgot to make a visum!!! Can you imagine .. standing at the airport with all your stuff and then they say – “we’re sorry – but you can’t travel to New York”. Yes .. I was totally down … I’ve checked everything again with the Supervisor of Swiss Airlines – but as the States have special rules and agreements – there was no chance to take off for me… So… I went back home – no New York for me this year… but I’m already planning to go there next spring. 🙂 So.. I had more time to see different apartments in Zurich. And I found one! A nice apartment in the center of Zurich with two from Germany! I’ll move this week. I’m so excited to live in the city. Today did I just get my stuff ready and now I have to organise who will move my stuff from my parents place to my new place. So you see .. a lot of things are going on. Some last pictures from Rome – I still have thousands to edit. Have a great weekend!

my beautiful Canadian girl Stefania - having our last dinner in Rome together


Rome - Zurich

One thought on “♥ Rome – Zurich – I’m back home ♥

  1. Hi Ann. I’m glad to hear you’ve arrived home in Zurich safe. Sounds like you had such an amazing time in Rome!

    Anyway I’m sorry to hear your trip to New York didn’t happen as planned- how disappointing it must have been. But wait for it- New York will most definitely be worth the wait, you’ll see 🙂

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