♥ Love is in town ♥

Piazza Venezia

Raphael and Laura

Time is flying .. I just have to say it again and again. My sister and her husband have been here last weekend and now on Wednesday arrived my best girlfriend Laura and my brother Raphael. (They’re a couple for about two years) … Look at them – I love to take pictures of them. They’re so beautiful and absolutely in love. They’re seeing each other everyday and just can’t be without the other. We’ve headed to Piazza Venezia and then to the Olympic Stadium. AS Roma and Fulham were playing (Roma won of course). Now I’m just getting ready to go out and have dinner with them. I love love love them… It’s so great to have the best girlfriend in town. Having caffè and gossiping about sooo many things. I can’t say how much I missed her! So.. heading for a good Pizza .. 12 days left my dears … I don’t wanna leave Rome – it’s my home …

Olympic Stadion

Olympic Stadion

By the way .. it was her 20th birthday two months ago .. u know what he gave her as a present? He told her that she has to be on day x at the station and they will do something … a surprising trip… u wanna know where they went? PARIS … a weekend in the beautiful city of love … I’m so proud of him .. well done bro!

Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia

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