10 Things About Me

Sarah from the wonderful funny blog Yosh! gave me the “The Circle of Friends Award”. It’s an award in which you have to tell your readers 10 things about you and which you give to five further friends! So first thanks Sarah for giving it to me! From the long way from Japan to Rome! Got it! 😉

Ten things about me… here we go:

1. I talk with myself

by deviantArt

by deviantArt

No, I’m not kidding… I’m really talking with myself… Not in Swiss-German or German but in English, Italian and French. I don’t why I’m doing this… to practice my foreign lanuage skills? Maybe. Because I’m feelin’ lonely – ah no probably not… Because I’m bored? Hm.. don’t know. ‘Cause I always have to talk even if there’s nobody to talk with – probably..

2. I LOVE to take-off

To sit in a plane (always a seat at the window please)  look out of the window hear the captain saying “Cabin Crew ready in 2 minutes” and to know… we’ll start in a few seconds. And then there’s this noise… like *chhhrrrrrr* and you know … now it’s getting serious… 5-10 seconds later (last time it was 6 seconds – I’m always counting) and you’re flying. Like on a roller coaster just ten times better. Looking out of the windows and seeing how everything is getting little, small and disappears somewhen. Seeing the Eiffeltower, the Colosseum, the lake of Zurich, skyscrapers of Hong Kong, beautiful beaches of Koh Samui etc etc from a total different point of view and realizing that earth is actually pretty small and God is just amazing. Not just the beautiful nature that he created – but also the creativity he gave to people to build all these things! This year I already took-off for eleven times and at least five further take-offs are already booked! So sure, that I love to travel is one thing, but to take-off even if I have to wait 2 hours ’cause the flight is delayed and afterwards 50 minutes for my baggage… it’s worth … just for these seconds..

3.  I’m a Book-Addicted

by deviantArt

by deviantArt

I love to read – don’t have to say this. But it’s more than just reading. It starts much earlier. Going into a bookshop, walking through the shop taking plenty of books, touching the covers, read the first sentences, choose some (not an easy thing), pay and leaving the book store. I can be in stores for hours… not kidding. No matter if it has five floors or just one. Usually I can’t wait to unpack my books until I’m home. So I’m going to a Coffee-Shop, and start reading… taking one book after the other again in my hands and obviously build almost a relationship between them and me. To read a book, being in a totally other world, to forget all things around me and just not beeing myself anymore. I can’t wait to have time to read the next sentence. And as soon as I have finished a book is there a strange but satisfying feeling. It’s like somebody let me take a view in his life, in his stories…and then I finish the book, close it and don’t know how it goes on – just can imagine. It’s an intimacy between the characters in a book and me…. I love it. And obviously can’t understand how people can’t like it… I’m sorry. Please let me know if there’s an opportunity to read books and get paid by.

4. I  need a flight ticket

by deviantArt

by deviantArt

Sounds strange? Or just like a holidays-addicted? No I’m not holidays-addicted. I actually have too many days left so I’ll probably have the whole December off… but that’s an other story. I obviously need a confirmed trip in my inbox. To know that I’ll go to the airport on this and this date, taking-off, and explore a city or whatever. I really need it. My boyfriend asks me why I just can’t be here without any plans for the next weeks/months. Just to enjoy the time beeing at home. Don’t get me wrong – I love my home. But to know that I’ll go … makes me enjoying the time being at home.

5. I always have a cam with me

by deviantArt

by deviantArt

Since I’m living here in Rome I started to have always a cam with me. Sometimes it was just my LG-phone with a good cam, my Canon EOS 450D (ya I buy a handbaggage just if my Canon fits in it!), my Polaroid cam or now I’ve just bought a “One-Use”-Cam. And I already love it! It’s so strange to take pictures and not seeing it on a display as it is analog. So.. now I can take 27 pictures until I’ll send the film to a company and get the pictures printed. I’m already sooo excited to see them! So you never know what you’ll see – have a cam with you!

6. I love rain, snow and everything in between

by deviantArt

by deviantArt

Yes – true. I know that I’m living probably in the wrong city for this thing at the moment (it’s 10pm and we still have 34°C). But I LOVE rain and snow. As a child was my biggest anniversary wish that the first snow will fall on my birthday (my b-day is in the middle of November). Yes – sometimes my wish came true! To stand at the window and see everything like under a white soft pillow. It’s a totally different world. Drinking a hot chocolate, reading a good book and listen to the rain which patters on ur window – perfect! But not just beeing inside… also going out – have a rain dance (did this with my little sister last year – we had so much fun), snowboarding through deep snow and build a snow man. I love it! And it’s really one thing why I can’t wait to go back home – why I couldn’t live here in Rome forever or even just through the winter.

7. I’m childish

by deviantArt

by deviantArt

I’m seeing a trampoline and want to go and jump for hours on it. In Switzerland does McDonalds have these playgrounds for kids with a bath with hundreds of colored balls in it. – Please I know – I’m taller than 1.20m – but pleeeease let me in! There’s always something like a castle of air at our annual fair in our village … I’m older than 12 I know.. but please.. I just want to jump around some minutes. Walt Disney – you’ve saved my childhood.. I’m still in love with Beauty and the Beast, Lion Kings and Snowwhite. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck – nobody’s too old to read your stories, right! I love to have my childish moments and totally glowing up during this time!

8. I’m not feeling beautiful without wearing earrings

by deviantArt

by deviantArt

I’m not kidding – and there’s not much to say about. I’m not wearing oversized earrings but I wouldn’t leave the house without wearing some elegant, simple earrings. I’m feeling naked without.

9. I can’t stop eat “Lindor-Chugle” if I started to

by deviantArt

by deviantArt

I don’t eat a lot of my favourite chocolate (Swiss of course). It’s not like I’m going every week to the Lindt store here and buy a kg of Chocolate! But .. IF you give me a box of this delicious chocolate (the red ones please) … believe me… there won’t be any left at the same evening! I just love it! I need at least 3 minutes for every piece as I’m enjoying every bit – every taste of it.. but I just can’t stop!(Ok true – right now I’d go and buy a box.. but it’s too late *baaah*)

10. I always make noises

This is actually something that an Italian friend here in Rome told me! I didn’t even notice. But I really do a lot of noises. If I explain something, have a small talk or whatever. Example: I’ve been with a friend in Sardinia this weekend and we’ve talked about something or how to build up the tent or he showed me something on a map or whatever – can’t really remember but instead of saying “ya, we have to take this and put it there and do that” I’ve just something like “bum tatsch bum”. And  he was looking at me with a face like “what the hell are you talking about”. I really don’t notice it – but it’s funny somehow.. and even more fun is that even he started now to make noises… he said as I’m always talking so crazy non-sense things does he get used to it and doing the same *loool*.

So know – I’d like to tag five friends here as well with this award. Not a lot of my friends are having a blog… but I’m choosing these whose blogs I love to follow:

– Katie from Color me Katie

– Jasmine from An Experiment in Poverty

– Laureen from Eat and Be Happy

– Lisa from Lisaplace

– Nicole from A Little Sussy

this is just for you girls

2 thoughts on “10 Things About Me

  1. I love it during taking off too. There’s something so exciting about it, knowing you’re gonna be immersed in a whole new place and culture in a matter of hours. And I do feel weird without any earrings on too, like my look’s somewhat “incomplete” even if I’m heading out without any make up, which I do a lot.

    Anyway, thanks for the award. What a fun one! 🙂

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