Back from the Island

So.. I’m back in the City .. back in bella Roma! On Saturday was a national holiday here in Italy (Ferragosto) and so my boss came last Wednesday and said that if we want can we take Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon off. I’ve asked if I could take the whole Monday off as I wanted to go and travel a bit. And as she said yes was clear that I’ll pack my backpack and go somewhere. An italian friend who lives in Rome is the whole August in Sardinia on holidays (he’s Sardo – so it’s his home “island”). So he said why don’t you come over for the weekend. I’ve checked and found a flight for 112.- Euro! So I’ve booked it and couldn’t wait to take-off! So I went on Saturday around lunch time to the airport Ciampino which is the than the main airport “Fiumicino”. Without any delays or problems did I depart at 1:30pm and arrived in Cagliari (capital city of Sardinia) 50 minutes later! So… I’ve been there the whole weekend and came back yesterday evening. It was soooo great! Sure did I take hundreds of pictures! 😉 I’m just editing them now and will show you as soon as possible… but until then some greetings from hot hot Rome! Ya… it’s even hotter now… thanks god for the guy who invented air-conditioning! Baci e tanti saluti di Roma

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