Heat of the Summer

At the moment I feel like I could need 30-hours days .. or 35-hours days. (Would get some more sleep). At the moment it's actually so relaxed here in Rome. All the Italians are gone. You see on almost every store, restaurant and caffè "closed - we are on holidays"... So at the moment I really feel like a bit in Zurich... I mean it's quiet, the streets are almost empty and *wohooo* almost no traffic!! The only people that you can see walking around are tourists .. I mean - it's just too hot to be outside. I mean even in the office with (!) air-conditioning is it too hot - but on the streets - goosh. So for me does it mean that I'm the whole day in the office (I can sleep a bit longer as I don't need that long anymore to the office - no traffic *g*). If I go out during work is it just to buy some water or a gelati. Yesterday did my colleague and I look for some food during lunch-time. But - ya - you can imagine... all the good "Pizza al taglio" were closed (where you pay the Pizza by gram) ... after walking and walking and walking did we finally find an open one! Yummi... good slice of Pizza Funghi! So... after work I went to the gym yesterday and today as well. It will also close on Friday and not open until the end of August... so I have to go now! *g* But also there - I'm almost always alone.. Maybe three - five guys who have exact these body forms I really don't like! *iiih* They should go and eat some Pizza instead of buildilng more muscles! Anyway ... so now I'm sitting, watching a movie with Adam Sandler in italian and fight against the moscitos. (No - I never win). Have a good night out there! Tanti saluti di Roma!

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