…it’s been a while…

Puuuh.. it’s been really a while since my last post… Actually just some days.. or weeks?! Well sooo many things are going on here – you can imagine… I came back to Rome after my holidays at the end of June in Switzerland and had some guests in the middle of July here in Rome from Switzerland. Of course did we some sightseein tours… Well “some” is definitely not the corerct word – we’ve been walking through Rome 16 hours on Saturday and then again on Sunday ca. 16 hours … *puuuh* …. it was hard – but great! Of course did I have my cam with me and took tooooons of pictures… now I’m editing all of them and I have to admit – I just have too less time to do it — so here from now, day by day some “new” pics from July / August. Well.. and I’ve already been in Switzerland again – yap – that’s why here’s suck a lack of posts… so I’ve been back in Zurich from the 24th July – 02nd August! It was great, amazing, wonderful,…………….. P E R F E C T! ……………….. can’t say more… pictures will follow as always….ciao ragazzi! notte!!!

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