Hommage to my country

So… I’m back in Rome as you know.. and here are the pictures of my holidays in Switzerland from last week. As you can see was it amazing – perfect place to relax! (Oh yah – and to live and raise a family of course!!) I already miss it so much .. and can’t wait to go back in 13 days. Actually … I’m sooo happy and blessed that I have the chance to go back and come back to Rome and travel and travel and travel… The last days were pretty normal … Work, fitness and so on. I’ve been at the gym and afterwards at the “Palazzo dell’Esposizioni” today.   It was amazing! I’ve seen the exhibitions “Bulgari”, “Festival Fotografia Internazionale di Roma” and “Gina Lollobrigida” (also photography). The Palazzo is beautiful! Has also a restaurant, coffeeshop and a bookshop! So… means for me… after the exhibitions did I have a very good Caffe Latte and bought a new photography book called “Americna Youth”. (Beautiful and interesting!!) … So.. I had a beautiful day in my sunny sunny Rome! Take care dears!! Bacio

**my boyfriend and me**



4 thoughts on “Hommage to my country

  1. Thanks for sharing these images with us. They are lovely! Switzerland just looks like such a gorgeous country! I’m glad you had the chance to see that awesome exhibition!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. There is definitely an unfair advantage for taking beautiful pictures in Switzerland since the subject matter is already so lovely without trying. 😉

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