Time For A Journey

It’s already over – I’m already back from my beautiful country Switzerland. I’ve booked spontaneous a flight to Zurich last Sunday and already left on Monday. Claiming my baggage at Zurich Airport – I get nervous. It was my first time back in Switzerland for 11 weeks!  So – yes I was definitely nervous and excited. How will it be? To see my family, my friends and especially my boyfriend again? My parents picked me up (ya – of course did we first hit Starbucks – tradition is tradition) and we drove back to our little village at the lake of Zurich. Driving down a hill – having a fantastic view of the lake of Zurich with all its lights – it was amazing! Coming home, being back in our house – what a great feeling…. Seeing my little sister and my older brother… Realize that everything is still at his same place. Nothing has changed in these 3 months. It’s like I’ve been away, explored Rome, met so many people, made new friends, lived a whole new life – and now at home – everything is as it was. It’s a good feeling and I’m blessed to have a place like this which I’m calling “home”.

You’re asking how it was to see my boyfriend again? First strange … but then … just amazing… (I know I’m using the word amazing pretty often) – it was the same – as I’ve never been away. He’s still as he’s 3 months ago. We’re still jokeing around, laughing about the same and enjoying ourselves. The following days were totally relaxed – and so absolutely P.E.R.F.E.C.T…. Relax and swim at / in the lake of Zurich, dinner with my sister and her husband, barbecues, time with my family, shopping in Zurich, time with my best girlfriends, a lot of Starbucks Tazo Iced Chai Teas, drinks with friends and so on… I said – perfect! 😉 My flight back was on Saturday evening. So came back “home” to Rome after five wonderful days in Switzerland. I’m already back in my daily business… Work, friends, fitness, Gelati, Pasta and Pizza. 😉

I’m enjoying to be here back in Rome – but I can’t wait to go back to my home town. My next flight back to Zurich is on the 24th July…. so 17 days left…. I really can’t wait. It’s great to have two homes – but wherever I am – I realized that my home is where my love is. Well of course did I took pics during my holidays (I felt like a tourist) – but I haven’t edited them yet – so here are the pics from the flight Rome – Zurich on the 29th June 2009. Buona notte!

3 thoughts on “Time For A Journey

  1. Home is where the heart is.
    That is what I live by.
    I’ve moved around too many times, never really called anywhere home… I’m a bit “homeless” if you will!!
    Now I realize home is where I’m at peace, next to my loved ones, wherever they may be. Unfortunatelly, right now, they’re far away from me, so I also feel devided between my routine place of residence and where my love is… it sucks!!!!
    I’m glad the reunion with your family and boyfriend went lovely!!! you’ll se them again so soon!

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