**La Vita è Bella**

I know, I know… I never have time to write here. But it just takes me always sooo long to edit the pictures etc… and I’m a way too busy. But hey – now I have holidays! So what did I do during the last days and weeks? Well actually the same as always. Had a lot of work to do, signed up for a gym, met a lot of friends, took a lot of pictures, drank a lot of coffee, ate Pizza, been in a very good Thai Restaurant, went camping, been on a Festival at Piazza del Popolo  and so on… 🙂 These pictures are from last Thursday. I’ve met a guy from the States at the Festival last weekend and as his flight back was on Friday did we hang out on Thursday eve for the last time. We just walked through the City, had dinner in a nice restaurant  close to Campo de’ Fiori and enjoyed a Festival at Tevere.

Well – plans for the next days?

I booked a flight yesterday … I’m flying back to ZURICH… ya… home sweet home … I can’t wait to see my boyfriend, friends, family have a good coffee at Starbucks, swim in the beautiful lake of Zurich, talk Swiss German and just be home. So my flight is today at 7.50pm  – so I should go ready, pack my luggages and make my way to the airport. So see u soon and I’ll have some pics of my home – bella Svizzera! Ciao.

2 thoughts on “**La Vita è Bella**

  1. I am sooo jealous that you are going to Zurich. Dumb as it sounds, I miss buying coronets from the Sprungli at the airport. And mettwurst from the Migros in the train station. Aww, screw it: I just miss Switzerland.

    Beautiful photos as usual!

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