Beeing a tourist for five days

Whoo…. the time goes just soo fast! Already Wednesday evening? Puhh… well… where can I start? Ehm.. on Wednesday evening (ya – last week of course) was the UEFA Champions League-Final between Barcelona and Manchester United here in Rome. You can imagine that it was pretty crowded around the Olympic Stadion and the Stations close to! Standing in the tram – between dozens of Barcelona fans – did I finally manage to get home somehow. Jennifer from Florida and Svenja from Germany came to my place to watch the game. Also some Italian friends from my flatmate Lorenzo. So it was a really funny evening with Pizza, Prosecco and actually a pretty boring game. But who cares about the game? 😉

After my Italian class on Thursday evening did I go to the airport to pick-up my younger sister. She’s here in Rome for five days (that’s why I was so busy – I felt like I’m a tourist here – walking through Rome with my camera and seeing all the “Musts”). I’ve received two packages at this day – finally at home did I find the time to open it. One was from my bf in Switzerland *dancing around* and one from Polapremium! I ordered a Polaroid-Camera on Monday and already get it! *wohooo* On Friday did I have a day off to do some sight-seeing with my sis. We went spontaneously to San Givoanni (markets!), Colosseum, Monti, Roman Forum, Via Nazionale and so on… Had a lot of fun and a lot of sun (I forgot the sun cream *oops*). After hours of walking did we go back home and get ready for the evening. We had dinner in Trastevere, met Courtney from LA afterwards, enjoyed some drinks at Pepato’s (also Trastevere) with her and some Italian guys, also a Chocolate Shot and Gelati.

no alcohol for one day (Champions League)

no alcohol for one day (Champions League)

On Saturday did we actually wanna go to the beach (Santa Marinella)… We woke up – and baaah the weather wasn’t good. So.. no beach for us! Instead we went to Prati having Arancinis (Sicilian Speciality) and Gelati, doing some shopping at Via Cola di Rienzo, seeing the Vatican, walking to Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Navona. Had some yummi Fajitas at my place and watched a movie. On Sunday did we go to the biggest market here in Rome: Porta Portese. You can find everything there! But mainly clothes, shoes and more clothes! So.. after hours of walking did we go to Piazza del Popolo, walking down Via del Corso – of course – doing some more shopping – watching the Giro d’Italia, having lunch, passing the Spanish Steps and Fontana di Trevi – more shopping and more shopping and going home with a lot of bags. 🙂 A lazy evening with ice cream, a movie and editing the pics.

Market at San Giovanni

Market at San Giovanni

Ya.. for Monday was actually beach planned – but … it rained during the night… so again no beach for us! Was pretty sad -’cause my sister really wanted to see the beach. So… what else to do on a rainy day? Exactly – shopping! So we went to the biggest shopping mall of Europe: “Euroma2”. You don’t find any big shopping malls in the city center – but this one was pretty good reachable with the public transportations. So we spent the whole afternoon there to fight through over 200 shops and 40 restaurants. 😉 Highliht of the day: I’ve found the “Love” key chain from the movie “Sex and the City” – and – I had Chinese Food as lunch for the first time here in Italy (I’m a Asian-Food addict). So – was a good day for me. 😉

Ya yesterday we had again a lazy day with even more shopping at Via del Corso and Via Nazionale, having lunch somewhere between Via del Corso and Pantheon and seeing the Pantheon and Piazza Venezia. My sister had her flight back in the evening – which means for me – I’m not a tourist anymore. *lol* No sightseeing for me for the next days please. My shoes already have holes and my legs are hurting. But it was great – and soooo here some impressions. Ciao! (Warning: there are a LOT of photos if you scroll down – more are coming .. WordPress is freaking around -.-!)

San Giovanni

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