So.. weekend is again already over and everybody’s back at work. There’ll be  a big event here in Rome on Wednesday evening: The UEFA-Champions-League-Final! So I’ve been on my home way… taking the bus which is passing the Olympic Stadium (the game will be there). Sitting down next to a young men who’s holding a map of Rome. After a few minutes he’s asking me how he can get to the Olympic Stadium. After explaining him and saying that I’m passing anyway and I can tell him when to get out he told me that he’s from Manchester and wants to buy some tickets for the big game on Wednesday! Well… everybody knows that there are no tickets anymore, but he hopes to get one in front of the stadium. I hope that he will get some – but I know that they’re about 1200.- Euros… So, anyway.. as I didn’t do that much today beside of working, reading, helping tourists and being thankful for my air-conditioner do I want to “show” you a shop.

The name is “Subdued” and they have eight shops here in Rome. (It’s an Italian-chain – they have shops in Genova, Bari, Firenze, Milano… just check the homepage for more informations). So I was walking down Via del Corso and have seen this shop. From Via del Corso you don’t really see it – it’s a bit hidden, but if you know the adress it shouldn’t be a problem. They sell clothes – BEAUTIFUL clothes. From shirts to prom dresses to hotpants to accessoires. The staff is friendly and young and the prices are absolute payable. The style of the clothes reminds me to Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle and Brandy. But I’ve been even more impressed of the interior. The one at Via del Corso (Via Laurina) has a backyard. So I came from the crowded Via del Corso into this shop and there’s a backyard. It’s calm, a great atmosphere and you don’t feel any rush anymore! Great!! So here are some photos of the one I’ve been!


Via Laurina 37
(byroad of Via del Corso)

00186 Roma

3 thoughts on “Subdued

  1. wow. i looked at the pictures before i read what you wrote and i totally thought it was someone`s house! that shop makes me want to relax and drink ice tea. what an awesome place. i would spend my money there!!

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