2 evenings – 2x Piazza Navona / 2x Campo de’ Fiori

Yap – Weekend is over & I’m totally back in the world of work. I’ve met Courtney from LA yesterday at Piazza Navona to have dinner with. I had some really delicious “Stuffed Vegetables” and she some cheese with Olive oil or so – whatever it was – I’ve tasted it and it was great. The Restaurant is a very small one just next to Piazza Navona. Famous for there very good wine bar. But how ironic, for having a glass of wine did we go to Campo de’ Fiori and we’ve enjoyed there a really good one. It was a great atmosphere on the Piazza. Today I’ve been up very early and went for a run – crossing Ponte Milvio, Tevere and the Olympic Stadium. I love this time of the day. It’s not so too hot, everything wakes up, not too much traffic and just – I don’t know how to describe – just some “peace in the air”.. *lol*. Anyway.. heading to work, having a caffè macchiato at a bar, and seeing my good friend Monika from Switzerland after 5 weeks for the first time. She works for the same company as I do and she’s on a business trip this week here in Rome. It’s great to have someone around who knows you — she brings like a bit home here to Rome! So after work did we go to Piazza Navona and had then dinner at Campo de’ Fiori. The Bruschettas were not that amazing and the Pasta was okay – but nothing special. Anyway was again a very nice atmosphere at the Piazza and after having some Gelati of our favourite Gelateria did she go back to the hotel and I headed home. So.. yap… wanted to take some pictures with my mobile phone – but the battery was too low. So.. here just one two random pics of the last days as I hate blog entries without pics. Buona notte!

One thought on “2 evenings – 2x Piazza Navona / 2x Campo de’ Fiori

  1. Hi Annina, yes it is great to see you again! You became a good tour guide 😉 So I’m looking forward to our adventures of this evening…. Cheers!

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