33° C degrees in Rome

Wooohoo… it’s getting hot and hotter here in Rome.. We had 33°C degrees… can you imagine? God…. it’s May – and already TOO hot for me – how will I survive the summer? I mean I like the sun and if it’s good weather – but so hot already? Well ya.. maybe will I get a bit brown.. (but I really don’t expect that)… so what did I do under the hot sun of Rome? I’ve went with Andrew (from Scotland) to Joost (from the Netherlands) on Friday evening. Joost was during his holidays in Portugal and brang some Port and Cheese to Rome. So.. we needed to taste! Ya – we had a funny evening at his place (yap – the Port and Cheese were good!) .. So Saturday… ehm.. let me think.. well ya .. as it’s already so hot did I have to buy some summer stuff of course. So.. went to Via del Corso, bought some summer clothes, shoes etc… found a beautiful shop just next to Via del Corso …. but will give you the adress etc later. But what would be shopping without going to a bookshop? I know that I should stop buying books – but… ya came home with five new ones. 😉 At 5pm did I meet some guys from FriendsInRome. They organise different events for expats who live in Rome. So yesterday evening was a Cooking Class. It’s the first time I’ve participated and was soo much fun. We’ve been a mixed, international group. A man from The Netherlands, a woman from Venezuela, one from Uganda and one from England. Then the two Italian guys who run this whole FriendsInRome thing and then of course Laura, the Italian woman who allocated her home to cook. So… she explained us everything and we “her assistants” helped to make three amazing, delicious Italian courses. What we’ve cooked? “Melanzane alla Parmigiana”, “Straccetti alla Romana” and “Torta di Riso”. It was such a great and funny evening!  Of course will I show you some photos I’ve taken – but later… 😉 So.. ya.. this was yesterday evening. Today was actually the “Race for Cure” in the morning. I really wanted to go – but didn’t hear my alarm clock. Great, isn’t it? Anyway – after some grocery shopping did I go to San Giovanni. Andrew informed me that there’s an event. I don’t know what exactly it was about – but there were different stands from different countrys, stands of organisations like Caritas and so on. There was also a stage where people from all around the world showed their traditional dances. It was a good atmosphere and impressively how they moved. Everybody was dancing… But as it was sooo hot did I go home about an hour later.. Ya and here – sweet sweet home – did I just cook something (frittata with tomatoes, courgettes and carrots) and read a bit… Enough written – you want see some pictures. 😉 Ciao

Reggie and Andrew

Reggie and Andrew

3 thoughts on “33° C degrees in Rome

  1. as usual, amazing pictures! wow!

    joost!! ahaha. people from the netherlands often have the same names as people from south africa, so i get confused!

  2. hi annina!

    thanks for your concern! yes, we are tooootally okay. no harm at all. it was a small earthquake. it was just scary because our building is kind of old, and we had never experienced an earthquake in this particular building before.

    anyway, i love your photographs. they’re beautiful – so crisp, clear, and colorful! the FriendsInRome organization sounds like sooo much fun! what a great way to meet new people!

    i’m glad you had a fun weekend!


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