Simple, fruity Muesli for Breakfast

Woho.. it’s weekend. The sun’s shining and I’m almost ready to go out. Was on my first run yesterday (at least since I live in the new apartment). It was very funny and interesting to see what’s all around my apartment. As this zone (Villagio Olimpico) was built for the athletes of the Olympic Games in 1960 are here a lot of international street names. Means I live at “Via degli Olimpionici”. Next to my street is “Via Venezuela”, “Via Svizzera”, “Via Peru”, “Via India”, “Via Austria” and so on….  So there’s also a little horse ranch and a beautiful park. (Parco di Villa Glori) It’s great to have a park so close to my home and this in the middle of this crowded, hectic city. This is definitely something that’s missing in Zurich. So.. yesterday I had a very relaxing evening. Cooked some squirrled eggs with vegetables, learned italian, watched two movies (the first one “Sea of Fear” was just STUPID.. so I had to watch an other one *g* – “Red” – was an impressive story!)

So ya.. plans for today? Had a *yummi* breakfast (first time I ate Watermelon this year – I can’t get enough!), learned some Italian, fighted with the new italian laundry machine we have here .. will go to “Feltrinelli International” (bookstore) at Repubblica in about an hour or so… Oh – and in the evening at 5pm … (I’m so excited) … will I have dinner with some others of FriendsInRome. We (a group of expats) will cook together some typical Italian dishes (will show you the result tomorrow) and have hopefully a good time… So… now here just the very very simple recipe for my breakfast… have to go and check what the laundry machine’s doing! 🙂 See ya.



  • about 180 – 250gr nature yogurt
  • fresh pineapple, sliced
  • some wholegrain cornflakes
  • fresh watermelon, sliced
  • fresh raspberries, washed
  • some mint
  • if you need – some additional sugar

How to make it:

  1. Slice the pineapple, watermelon and wash the raspberries
  2. Give the yogurt into a small bowl, top with the cornflakes, watermelon slices, pineapple slices, raspberries and some mint leaves. If you want to have it a bit sweeter – just add some sugar.

One thought on “Simple, fruity Muesli for Breakfast

  1. That looks sooo good! Fruit and yogurt are such a great combination and quite healthy. Great picture by the way…I love how the colors just pop.

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