La Baguette / New Appartment / Rome by night

La Baguette

La Baguette

So.. actually a small post.. I just want to write about a very good and nice coffee here in Rome. It’s called “La Baguette” – so ya – it’s more french than italian. So you get Brioches, Muffins, good breakfasts and everything. Just tried a Brioche and was amazing. As I don’t like the Italian breads very much do I have to find alternatives.. so of course – Focaccia is very good – but not for breakfast.. Anyway…

La Baguette

La Baguette

La Baguette

Via P. Tomacelli 22 / 24 / 25

00186 Roma (it’s under construction at the moment)

Well what else? I’m doing actually so many things here. Of course – working every day – but in the evening I like to go out. I’ve already met some nice guys and girls to go out with. Yesterday I’ve been with Andrew from Scottland in an Indian Restaurant at Piazza Trilussa (Trastevere). It was not the best Indian Food I’ve ever had. The Samosa’s were very good – but the prawns were too small.. I prefer king prawns 😉 But anyway… was okay. So afterwards we went to Almau Trastevere – a very nice little bar at Via della Scala in Trastevere. Had some drinks and afterwards we drove with Andrews motorino through Rome. I love that. Already done this on Tuesday night. Seeing the Colosseo, Gianicolo, Piazza Venezia, Fontana di Trevi, San Pietro etc by night – it’s just MAJESTIC – absolute IMPRESSIV! And just so much more fun than in a cab, car or even if you would walk. So if you know someone who lives in Rome with a motorino – DO IT! I made a short movie with my cell phone of the Colosseo – enjoy to watch! Well ya… so after a nice trip I came back to the Hotel Arcangelo (Via Boezio 15 – *** – very friendly staff) and had a short night..

La Baguette

Today was Check-Out time at 11am (already woke up at 8am -.-). So at 11am I went with a cab to my new shared appartment in Flaminio close to the Auditorium, Ponte Milvio etc etc … So… ya.. I’m in “my” new flat – LOVE it – (you’ll see pictures an other time) – and will have to unpack the suitcases and everything. So from now I live with two very nice and funny Italian guys (best chance to practice Italian). There was also a girl here today. So.. she cooked something for us. She’s from Albania (studied here in Rome) and said that it’s something that her grandmother often cooked for breakfast… but more about this dish an other time. I really liked it and will defnitely make it again. So recipe  / pic will follow 😉 .. So.. today I will go with a girl from Germany to this huge concert at San Giovanni. (festa del non lavoro)….

Oops…I didn’t expect that the entry would be that long.. (and not just about the coffee) *g* lol

Alora.. cari saluti di Roma e buon giornata

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