National Earth Day in Rome / World Book Day

So.. I know – I’m a bit late. πŸ™‚ Yesterday was the National Earth Day with concerts all around the world. There was also one in Rome at Piazza del Popolo. So I’ve been there with Jennifer (she’s from the States) and some CouchSurfers. So all in all it was pretty good. Actually I wantd to hear/see Ben Harper – but I’ve been too tired and as I had to work today I went home at 10pm – so no Ben Harper for me. But I’ve seen Nneka and an other group. Nneka was really good and I’m just downloading some songs of her ;). So.. today we had lunch in a nice little restaurant next to the office (salad with shrimps and crabs – *yummi*) – but I’m too tired to go out tonight. So tomorrow evening I will meet some guys for a Pizza (at 9.30pm – god – they eat sooo late), on Saturday evening is a Mojito Party at Campo Fiori and on Sunday evening a Pillow Fight *lol*. Will let you know how it was.. πŸ™‚

So well… here just some photos from yesterday evening and some 2,3 others I’ve already taken here in Rome.

So.. and as today is “World Book Day” did I just took a picture of a book my best friend gave me for this trip here in Rome. It’s about hope and friendship. Written by Philippe Claudel. The original title is “Monsieur Linh et la petite fille” – in german “Monsieur Linh und die Gabe der Hoffnung”. It’s an amazing book which I just fell in love with!

Ciao e buona sera. I will go and cook some “minestra” πŸ™‚

National Earth Day

National Earth Day

National Earth Day

National Earth Day

National Earth Day

Spanish Steps

Castel St. Angelo


World Book Day

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