Easter Time – Moving to Rome

img_0049self-made Birchermüesli


So.. I know.. easter is already over and I’m a bit late with an Easter post. Right? 😉 So.. but actually I moved to Rome on Monday.. and so I’ve had a lot of things to do! So.. here are just some impressions of our brunch with my family on last Saturday.




Soo.. yeah – I moved to Rome on Monday. I’ll be here until the end of November. Actually I had some problems with the apartment and so on.. so I will stay in hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and with some Couchsurfers until I can move to an other apartment close to the Olympic Stadium on the 6th of May. I’ve just seen the apartment today – and I really love it! Huge kitchen and amazing people! So.. I will let you know and of course also show some pictures later!

easterself-made whole-grain crèpres with quar, banana and raspberries

One thought on “Easter Time – Moving to Rome

  1. Hello,

    I just moved to Rome yesterday! I’ll be here until the end of May. I’m staying at a hostel b/c I wanted to look at apts before I committed. I was wondering, would you recommend any part of Rome for a 25 y.o. single woman to rent in? I want some nightlife but I really need access to public transportation. Would you recommend any part of Rome for me to avoid? I really don’t want to go over 450 euros/month (excluding bills).

    Thank you for your time!

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