Rice with Wok Vegetables

market Causeway Bay

Alright… new recipe! Actually I cooked this already for sooo many times! But I still love it and could eat it everyday! Of course did we eat this a lot in Hong Kong! You can use these vegetables which you like the most! If you’re a meat lover, go and use some meat and add! I hope you’ll love it as I do! So.. first some impressions of Hong Kong.. and then.. go to the kitchen and cook! šŸ˜‰

preparing a *yummi* King Prawn meal
store…omg..we don’t have Starbucks Coffee in a normal shop šŸ˜¦

wedding cake

– rice
– water (2x as much as rice)
– salt
– tomatoes
– mushrooms
– zucchini
– broccoli
– pepperoni
– wild cabbage
– tofu
– hot spices
– chili paste
– wok paste
– red chili thai paste
– green chili thai paste
– curry paste
– curry sauce
– coconut milk
– pineapple
– soya sauce

Rice with wok vegetables

How to do
1. Prepare the rice (cook with water for 10-12 min. –> read on ur rice package).
2. Wash and slice the vegetables.
3. Add some soya sauce to the wok.
4. Add all vegetables to the wok.
5. Cook.
6. Add coconut milk.
7. Spice.
8. Add curry sauce.
9. Add the different pastes. (as much as you like)
10. Serve with rice. – Enjoy! šŸ™‚

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