Blogging by Mail – package from San Francisco arrived

WOOOW…. What an amazing day!! I joined the group Blogging by Mail… and I’m really speechless… What’s Blogging by Mail? It’s a group (know it from DaringBakers) of people which love to cook and bake. The idea is pretty simple and great! Somebody (Stephanie) hosts this event! Everybody who wants to join has to send an e-mail to her and with this you send your name, adress, blog etc. She will organize the whole thing and allot the adresses. She sends you a mail with the adress of the person where you have to send your package. So everybody will have to send a package to someone and will receive one!! Everytime is there an other topic about these packages! This month is it: “Little Things Means A Lot”… so you had to pick little and cost-friendly things! I just bought during the last weeks the things for my package to sent! Today I finished the shopping-tours and now.. everything is ready to send to Costa Mesa, California! Ya.. so far so good.. enough about the event… (it’s really a great thing… i’m still enthusiastic….)

So.. today I will bring my package to the post-office.. and adios… go out to California!! (What I packed into this package will I tell you if it’s in California. *g*)

So… but now… the really important thing!!
I received MY PACKAGE… from my “gnome“. *g*
It’s from Sandy from San Francisco! (Check out her blog! *click* ) (Sandy: you live in my dream city…!!)
I was soo surprised..! Came home and saw a HUGE package on the table… The first thought was just… *jipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* the Blogger by Mail-package arrived!!! Of course I had to open it immediately and I was soooo speechless… (okay.. actually I’m still are…!) So… I really can say just thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Sandy!!! I love all the things you sent me….! I never expected such a huge and amazing package with sooo good stuff from San Francisco! So thanks soooo much…! It’s soooo great that this whole BBM-thing is working sooo well! Really cool! So.. of course I had to take some pictures…

But first here is the list with the stuff I received: (i filled some of the spices and the nuts/Pastilla Chile to glasses)
– Chili Powder
– Hot Cayenne Powder
– another Chili Powder
– Cumin Seed – Turmeric
– Mustard – Corinder
– Pasilla Chile
– Pistachio Nuts
– California Walnuts
– bar of chocolate
– small bar of chocolate
– Spiced Annatto Seed Paste
– m&m’s – apricot jam *yuuummmi*
– 2 soaps – body butter
– an amazing mechanical pastry bag (*wooow)
– and a scraper (is it the right word?!)
– a beautiful card from SF

Here you go! THANKS SANDY!!

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