Rice and Tofu

What should I cook today in the evening? A question which came during working in the office…and hm… it shouldn’t take tooo much money (I’m a student) and too much time (I’m hungry)… so let’s go to coop (store here in Switzerland) and check out what they have! I’m a vegeterian…so meat…no thanks…. then..I don’t really like Pasta or some stuff like that…. so the goal comes closer and closer…I think about the things that I have in my fridge at home….

…the most important spices to cook! Soja-sauce, salsa-curry and different Thai Kitchen stuff… so…. the choice is probably easy… (and everybody who knows me would say… rice… what else!!??)

So…I have the spices…let’s go and see what else I find in the store. Some Thai Basmati rice *yummi*… and some good and healthy stuff:
pineapple (either not fresh), zucchetti, tofu, tomate and banana!

So.. I bought all the necessairy food and went home. Let’s cook…!

The ingredients
– 1 cup Basmati rice
– 2 cups water
– oil
– pineapple
– zucchetti

– tomate
– tofu
– spices (curry, soja sauce, coconut-milk, pepper, paprica, thai spices)

First I put 2 cups of water in a pan and add a little bit more than 1 cup of rice! Let it cook. If the water is hot hot hoooot stir it just once and turn the hot plate off. Let the pan on it (with lid) for the next 20 min. (Don’t open during this 20 min.!!).

Alright… now you have 20 min. time to make the vegetables! Just put some oil into a frypan and if it’s hot add the sliced pineapple, tomate, zucchetti, banana and tofu. Also the spices of your choice!!

Mix everything and spice it as much as you like it!
So… now after this 20 min. open the rice pan and *tata*… you have delicious basmati rice! It’s so easy, isn’t it..?

So.. serve it on a plate… and *yumi yumi* enjoy it!

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