Raspberry Cocos Muffins

So…ya.. I definitely looove muffins.. yap… they’re always sooo easy to make… very quick.. and omg… taste just DELICIOUS… and ya..my whole family and my friends love them too… so… why shouldn’t I try a new one? Let’s go… (ya.. I made a lot of photos…. *g*)

Ingredients (for about 8-10 pieces)
– 65g butter

– 2 little eggs (room temperature)

– 1 egg yolk (room temperature)

– 40g sugar

– 1 dash salt

– 45g flour

– 30g starch


– paper muffin and if you have a muffin baking tin

– 100g powdered sugar

– 1-2 teaspoon lemon juice

– ca. 150g raspberry-jam

– 25g cocosrasps

– biscuit cutter

1. Preheat your oven to 160°C (=circulating air oven, 180°C = top-/bottom heat, gas level 2).

2. Melt the butter and cool it.

3. Mix the eggs, egg yolk, sugar and salt. Mix them as long till you have the fourfold of the mixture.

4. Mix the flour and starch in an other bowl.

5. Fold it slackly into the egg-sugar-mixture.

6. And last but not least… fold the butter carefully into the mixture.

7. Put the paper cups into the muffin baking tin.

8. Dispere the dough immediately to the cups. (Put enough…’cause they have to get enough big)

9. So.. put the baking-tin in the middle of the preheated oven and bake it for 20-25 min. Take out and let it cool.


1. Mix the powdered sugar with the lemon juice.

2. Cut from the top of the muffins ca. 1 cm away. If you want you can use a biscuit cutter to make a hole into top.

3. Daub every muffin with raspberry jam.

4. Daub every top of the muffins with the powdered-lemon-juice-mixture. Sprinkle them with cocosrasps. Place them back to muffins.

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